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My body, my self?

Last New Year, I wrote a short piece for The Conversationon how we believe – and often unreflectively – that we are, or will be, better if our bodies are better.
That our bodies have become our very selves in a visual and virtual culture is one of the main arguments of Perfect Me. This is so widely believed that we often don’t recognise either that it is true (until someone points it out) or how surprising and transformative this is. To think that our selves are our bodies is new. New Year’s Resolutions show us very clearly what we value and what matters to us. These are the goals we set for ourselves. We think these things are valuable and having them is important to us. The top New Year’s Resolutions for 2019 again show this focus, with the top three all being aimed at transforming the body:
1. Diet or eat healthier (71%) 2. Exercise more (65%) 3. Lose weight (54%)
The next two are not body related: 4. Save more and spend less (32%) 5. Learn a new skill or hobby (26%)

The fourth is pragmati…