Want to post on the blog?

If you wish to blog – as an individual or as a series of posts from a research centre – please let us know (up to four posts from one group at a time). We standardly post two blogs a month, and we book slots in advance. Email either Fiona MacCallum and/or Heather Widdows if you’d like to reserve a slot. We also welcome ‘bonus’ blogs done in rapid response to breaking news. 

The type of blog posts we normally post are:
  • Blogs which raise or comment on topic issues related to beauty
  • Blogs which try out new arguments or ideas
  • Blogs which describe on-going research
  • Blogs which summarise a recent publication
  • Blogs to announce conferences or workshops
  • Blogs which review events
  • Blogs which comment on or summarise public debate

We also encourage you to tweet to @BeautyDemands


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