Workshop 1: Reflections from Breana

The “Changing Understanding of Body Image” workshop offered me, as a graduate student, the opportunity to present my in-progress dissertation to not only a new audience, but also an exceptionally talented group of individuals from an array of disciplines. I felt all of the academics, professionals, and graduate students in attendance came together in an incredibly dynamic way to foster very intellectually stimulating conversations and seriously challenge our understandings of beauty and self-image over the course of the two days.

I left the workshop with some really valuable feedback on my project and inspired to take my project in new and exciting ways. Having expanded my understanding of the ways in which body image and beauty demands shape the lives of so many women (and increasingly men) everyday I also left the workshop inspired to pursue some new areas of interest and new projects.

It was so great to have been invited to this event and I look forward to the future of the Beauty Demands Project and hearing more of the very interesting topics that are due to be presented on!


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