Workshop 1: Reflections from Jennifer

I was very pleased to participate in the ARHC  Beauty Demands workshop. Having read Women's Studies at Masters levels, and now writing-up a PhD in feminist economy, it was an opportunity for me not only to consolidate my own research ideas, but also to explore new avenues and learn about areas of scholarship which I have yet to become familiar with. The interdisciplinary nature of the workshop made for very compelling discussion; allowing the group to thread together strands of feminist debates from cosmetic surgery, carcinogenic beauty regimes, psycho-sexual development, to beauty and body image.

There were some very interesting discussion around beauty/body alongside cancer, race, hair-removal, class, caste, and capitalism. The best thing about this workshop for me was the feedback and constructive criticisms; as an early-career researcher, it is very valuable to consider the advice and opinion of those who are well-established in their fields. I was very glad to present my work to an interested interdisciplinary audience. In summary, I would say that the beauty of this workshop was that it offered a safe environment in which to bounce around new ideas, as well as present your own academic research.


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