Are cosmetic procedures routine, or extreme? Nuffield Council Launches Online Survey on Cosmetic Procedures

Our partners, the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, have launched an online survey which links directly to the work of the Beauty Demands project and the topic of our 4th workshop. They are keen to hear from anyone who has views on the ethical and societal issues pertaining to cosmetic surgery and non surgical procedures:

"Demand for cosmetic procedures is growing, both in the UK and internationally. Around 90% of those undergoing procedures are women and breast augmentation and liposuction are amongst the most popular procedures. Existing research into what motivates people to undertake cosmetic procedures has highlighted both societal factors such as the pressure to look young and attractive, media and celebrity influences, and personal factors such as body dissatisfaction, self-esteem, teasing, and the experiences of family and friends.

The Council wants to find out more about what influences people’s attitudes to cosmetic procedures and their decisions to seek and undergo treatments.
The survey is being conducted as part of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics’ project exploring ethical questions raised by cosmetic procedures, such as: the acceptability of different types of cosmetic procedures (for example female genital cosmetic surgery); whether there are any circumstances in which it would be unethical to offer people cosmetic procedures; and the responsibilities of those who develop, offer, promote and regulate cosmetic procedures. The survey will run until 18 March 2016. In addition to this public survey, the Working Party is also running an open call for evidence seeking more in depth information and insights from people and organisations with an interest in cosmetic procedures. The survey and the call for evidence are open to everyone and the responses will help to inform the development of a report and recommendations due to be published in spring 2017."
To participate in the survey, click here. To find out more about the work of the Nuffield Council, visit their website.


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